jeudi, décembre 30, 2004

Mailart received on Dec 30

Sébastien Lefebvre Posted by Hello

Received from Sébastien Lefebvre, an invitation for a mailart call:
Format 21 x 29,7 cm (biggest size)
Any techniques
Documentation will be sent to all participants. Original works not returned.

Mailing address:
Sébastien Lefebvre
6, Place du 11 novembre
Apt #1
28000 Chartres

Reçu de Sébastien Lefebvre cette carte postale qui est une invitation à participer à un projet d'art postal ayant comme thème LE CHEMIN DE SAINT-JACQUES DE COMPOSTELLE, TON CHEMIN, LE CHEMIN.
Format 21 x 29,7 cm (au plus grand)
Technique libre
Pas de retour des envois reçus
Documentation à tous

Sébastien Lefebvre
6, Place du 11 novembre
Apt 1
28000 Chartres

mercredi, décembre 29, 2004

New stamp/Nouveau timbre

New stamp/Nouveau timbre Posted by Hello

In order to promote my blog, this big boy will be on all my outgoing mailart for a while.

Afin de promouvoir mon blog, ce timbre sera apposé sur tous mes courriers d'art postal pour un certain temps.

mardi, décembre 28, 2004

Latest project

Le nid de fourmis/The anthill Posted by Hello

Last week I was cutting an old piece of wood beam and found inside an anthill. It was still pack with ants and fortunatly their were all frozen since the piece of wood was coming from outside at -25c. I found the tunnels left by the ants quite inspiring and made 22 prints right from the block of wood. Today, 22 pieces of mailart are going in the mail (I wish I've done more...) to the regular contacts I have and also, I've added some new ones taken from blogger.

mardi, décembre 21, 2004


After six months observing on different blogs, I created my own. I am not sure yet what I want to cover but one thing for sure, it's gonna be about mailart. I will more likely show the mail coming in daily and post some general comments about anything. Meanwhile, I would like to wish every bloggers a wonderful year for 2005.