mardi, décembre 28, 2004

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Le nid de fourmis/The anthill Posted by Hello

Last week I was cutting an old piece of wood beam and found inside an anthill. It was still pack with ants and fortunatly their were all frozen since the piece of wood was coming from outside at -25c. I found the tunnels left by the ants quite inspiring and made 22 prints right from the block of wood. Today, 22 pieces of mailart are going in the mail (I wish I've done more...) to the regular contacts I have and also, I've added some new ones taken from blogger.

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kiyotei a dit...


I wondered how you created the great "organic" design! I've seen a few of these envelopes on blogs around the globe. You've been a busy beaver haven't you mate?

Take care,


frips a dit...

hi RF!
it's great to see you blogging too now
(will add you to my favs!)
not that i've been doing it for ages...but always nice to wander through other people's mail (art)