vendredi, janvier 28, 2005

Joseph W. Huber and ''his'' P.O. boxes (c.1983) Posted by Hello

I decided to create a new blog in hommage to Joseph W. Huber. I will scan some of his art and post it. Please feel free to add any comments. If you want to see more, please let me know because I have more. If you would like to post some of Huber's work, it will be a pleasure to host it.


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Ruud Janssen a dit...

Hi RF, What a great idea. Sorry I have no mail-art from him here anymore. I remember his poptbox-photos all too much. Maybe I still have one somewhere which I will sendc to you digitally....


p.s. Already made a l,ink to your new blog from !

Ruud Janssen a dit...

Found a photo of Joseph with signature. Will send you a digital file of it!


Ruud Janssen a dit...

Since I didn't found your e-mail address, I posted the photo on my BLOG. There you could download it. Also there a link to the new blog, so many will find it!

good luck. Maybe this is a new way to make tributes to some of the mail-artists that left us. Make a blog, and let the complete network bring in the visuals. That would be a great way to make a new digital archive of all that mail-art out there.

Who knows what you started here!


RF Côté (reg) a dit...

You are right. But my intent was not to start a new trend but to let today's mail artists discover a the past ones. It may sound (past) like hundreds of year ago but yesterday is already past. I believe you are the best person to promote this; to choose a past mail artist, to start a blog about his work and influence on the net. What do you think?

Many thanks for the photo, I'll have it transfered on Huber's blog.