lundi, janvier 24, 2005

Mailart received on Jan 24

Roy Arenella Posted by Hello

I discovered Roy Arenella's work from one of Geof Huth's link that led me to his web page (see link below). I took a look at Arenella's web page and I really liked his work. It somewhat remembers me Joseph W. Huber's work. Huber past away a little over two years ago. He was a very active mailartist in East Germany before reunification. His photographs were very simple but in the same time, meant a lot, full of words and expressions like Arenella. I should post on this blog some of Huber's work I recovered ''in extremis'' before someone wanted to put everything in the garbage!!

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Ruud Janssen a dit...

How nice to read you mention two of my favorite mail-artists / photographers. Joseph W. Huber and me had quite an intense correspondence in the 80-ies. All mail from him to me are now donated to the Schwerin Museum in Germany. They keep a mail-art archive. Jes, he made lovely photos of simple things with large meanings. Roy does the same in new York. I am honnored he sent me so many photos already. A beautiful sample of how the eye of a photographer works.