lundi, janvier 31, 2005

Received on Jan 31

Mailart project ALPHABET Posted by Hello

Invitation for a mailart call


We think that mailart can be useful as a pedagogical and didactic complement, valuable for its formal aspects as well as for its content. Its cosmopolitan, libertarian, protest spirit is the reason why we have decided to make this announcement, by means of which we intend to open heterogeneous exhibition of artistic creations based on the same impetus: the value of the alphabet as a basic tool of knowledge, as a gesture against oblivion, time and death, a gesture which bears the difference and homogeneity of the human race. We want to build our particular Tower of Babel by means of the spirit of mailart.

Format: max A5 (21 x 14,8 cm)
Deadline: 1 May 2005

You can send your work based on your own alphabet. The exhibition will be opened next May 2005 to commemorate the DIA DAS LETRAS GALEGAS, and we will send back all the documents received. The works will also be exhibited in a web gallery located in our school.
I.E.S. Aquis Celenis
36650 Caldas de Reis - Galiza

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