dimanche, mars 06, 2005


I got a rating of five perfs for my mailart call Mailboxes. Check the web site for a huge amount of mailart calls. The calls have been rated (interesting...)! Check details here.

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pati b a dit...

Reg, Hello. I have been trying to get onto ASN to post a new mailart project and can't seem to find the page to let me list new calls. It used to be there, but I keep getting error message for the site map, etc. I can read calls but not list. Can you help with the webaddress for the page to list. Thanks. Pati Bristow

RF Côté (reg) a dit...

Pati, I've tried everything I could try and it doesn't work either. The site is Maybe down for maintenance or something else for a while. I suggest to try in a couple days.

pati b a dit...

Reg , Thanks for trying. It has been like this for quite a long time (weeks)... will try again later. Meanwhile, have listed the new call in several other places, Plexus (one world), Dragonfly Dream, and crosses.net. Also sent it to Kiyotei. I have sent you a postcard on the mailart call, should arrive soon ... it is the one about Breast Cancer Awareness.
Pati B.

kiyotei a dit...

Yeah - the ASN web site has been wacked out for about a month now.

Not sure what's up with it. I sent Greg Byrd a note about it and got an unclear status reply from him.

I suggest that you go to his Yahoo group and post the call directly (or email it directly to him from the member list). His user name is toast512000.

The URL is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/artistamp_news/

pati b a dit...

So, the odd thing is this ... after not being able to contact ASN in any way, suddenly yesterday,our new mailart call for "Breast Cancer Awareness:Celebration of Courage" just appears on the ASN updated listings. I guess the person in charge of this website found the listing somewhere else and copied it to his page. Anyway, it is much appreciated and it was even given 5 perfs !!!