mardi, avril 26, 2005

Mailart received April 25

Vittore Baroni Posted by Hello

Gustave M Posted by Hello

I received this card sighed 23 skidoo!Gustave M. Unfortunatly, no address to write back. All I know it's from Canada mailed from postal code N8W 4W0. Is that Manitoba? Anyone has his/her mailing address?

dimanche, avril 24, 2005

vendredi, avril 22, 2005

Mailart received April 22

Ruud Janssen (showing card upside down) Posted by Hello

Pino Fasulo Posted by Hello

Invitation for a mailart call:

Milan, like other big towns (Paris, Rome) every year dedicates a day ''to living the night''. But, every day if the year, happy hours, aperitifs, dinners, meetings characterize the evening of the citizens in Milan, in Italy, all over the world. Therefore, I have thought launch this mailart project on ''happy hour and outskirtses:like your country lives ones'' in order to receive your interpretations and know your habits. Format is free, preferred post card. Deadline is june 5 2005. Works must be sent to:
Via Stendhal 30
20144 Milan

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Documentation for mailart call ADDIMORPHOSIS Posted by Hello

mercredi, avril 20, 2005

Mailart received April 20

Anna Banana Posted by Hello

Another one from Anna Banana filled with banana goodies and most importantly, the BANANA RAG #33. In this number, two pages on the STICKER TREES project.

mardi, avril 19, 2005

Mailart received April 19

Tamara Wyndham Posted by Hello

A collaboration postcard from Tamara that I will forward to FLUXUS CANUCKS for the 5 000 000 copies project.

jeudi, avril 14, 2005

Réparation de poésie #16 is now ready

Réparation de poésie #16 (Jean-Claude Gagnon) Posted by Hello

I got a call from Jean-Claude Gagnon Tuesday night. My copy of Réparation de poésie #16 was ready to be picked up. Went to his place in Quebec City Wednesday night. Always interesting to meet Jean-Claude and to talk (face to face) mailart, what he rarely does he told me, since there's not too many mailartists in the area. As a matter of fact, it's the same for myself!
This year, Jean-Claude made 75 copies with the help of Hélène Paré, Ulla Gunst and Valérie Cousineau who made the different covers for the book (mine has been done by Hélène Paré).
Jean-Claude told me, for #17 next year, it will be an issue of 65 copies only since he is receiving less entries years after years.
For the ones interested to participate for next year's project, you have to send 65 original pages, maximum size of 8 1/2 X 5 1/2 (14 x 21,5 cm). The theme is to make a link between your text and image. Techniques; mailart, visual poetry, collage, computer art. Deadline 1st March 2006.
In order to help Jean-Claude covering the ever increasing postage cost, he is asking to contribute 15$ CAD, $10USD or 10 Euros. Believe me, it's not much for what you are receiving. For issue #16, a total of 40 artists works from 7 countries are included in this work.
Some previous issues are still available at a cost of 60$ CAD each. Check with Jean-Claude for details (

His address:
Réparation de poésie
Jean-Claude Gagnon
359, rue Lavigueur Apt 1
Quebec, QC, G1R 1B3