vendredi, avril 22, 2005

Gridscratch No 18 Posted by Hello

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drosspriddle a dit...

can you give us a bit more resolution here? also here's how to edit your links: go to your dashboard: click "template" scoll down thru the code till you find the links section (near the bottom) might have the "edit me" text etc. etc. (if you add me to your blog "crew" i'd be happy to maintain them for you!)

RF Côté (reg) a dit...

Ross, sorry about that. I tried to scan again at greather resolution, but it's not working (stays the same). I went in the links section, looked everywhere, no blog crew or edit me in order to add you. Do you have a plan B?

drosspriddle a dit...

if you go to your dashboard: & click settings & then click the members tab & then "add team members" you can add me to your "team" then i should be able to do links for you!