dimanche, mai 01, 2005

Guess who is in town...?

Ben Vautier - Cynicism Posted by Hello

For the Quebec City Art Festival (Manif d'art 3), Ben Vautier is in town with an exhibition on his work from the 60s. Spent the afternoon yesterday and I have to say that Ben is a living legend! I was impressed by the crowd for this event.
More on Ben Vautier...his blog/web page

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Ruud Janssen a dit...

Nice to see this. Ben is a legend. But still alive and kicking. He once sent me a book of his writings from Nice. In French, but still a nice guesture. Sometimes he takes part in Mail-art projects, but that was years ago.

Were you able to talk with him? If so, say hello from me.


RF Côté (reg) a dit...

Unfortunatly I missed him, the day I visited the exhibition was the day he was flying back to Nice. I left a bunch of Fluxus related stuff in the comments box that will be forwarded to him after.