vendredi, août 26, 2005

Note to bloggers and blog surfers

I will be away for three weeks, therefore, no blog updating before September 18.

Je serai absent pour trois semaines, donc, il n'y aura pas de mise à jour du blog.

Mailart received August 26

Jo Anne Hill. Last issue of SPEND zine (#13)

jeudi, août 18, 2005

vendredi, août 12, 2005

jeudi, août 11, 2005

Mailart received August 11

Susan Gold

Mailart call NOMINATE FOR 2005; Medal of Dishonour for inflicting most casualties upon a civilian population. Documentation to all. Ongoing. Send to:

Nobel Peace Project
RR #1, P.O. Box 257
Nobel, ON, P0G 1G0, Canada

lundi, août 08, 2005

Art postal reçu le 8 août

Troy Thomas

Mailart received August 4

Joel The Sticker Dude

Art postal reçu le 3 août

Pati Bristow

Kurt Beaulieu

Mailart received August 2

Pablo Wright

Anna Banana

Mailart received August 1

Ryosuke Cohen (Brain Cell # 622)

Mailart received July 29

Tamara Wyndham

John M. Bennett

Mailart received July 28

Geof Huth

Mailart received July 26


La Toan Vinh

Angela Genusa