vendredi, novembre 25, 2005

Reçu le 25 novembre

Junk mailart from Ross Priddle. In response to my post about the use of junk mail ''Return to Sender''.

mardi, novembre 22, 2005

Roy Arenella. ''Sag Harbour: The bridge from which Ray Johnson...'' Un homme de parole, Roy m'avait promis de me faire parvenir cette carte postale. Merci beaucoup!
Looks like a quiet place. Cold waters...Is there people standing on the bridge?

Laura Barletta

Exhibition opening for the mailart call from Claire Blettery CLAIR OBSCUR.

Reçu le 21 novembre

Sticker Dude. Envelope always loaded with stuff!

New mailart call from IES Alcala de Xivert (Spain)

Exhibition catalogue for the mailart project DOES PEACE HAVE A COLOR? Anna Boschi. Superbly illustrated, 64 pages.

dimanche, novembre 20, 2005


Zine sur l'art postal en général destiné aux artistes en art postal afin de permettre l'échange d'idées, faire connaître les divers projets, etc... Ce zine ne prétend pas être une idée nouvelle. Pour y participer, il ne suffit que d'envoyer 20 originaux de timbres d'artiste, ATC, cartes postales personnalisées, oeuvres de format 8cm x 8cm, poêmes, annonces etc... Une copie du zine sera envoyée à chaque participants m'ayant fait parvenir 20 originaux (pas de copies). Aucune restriction de langue. Pas de date limite. J'anticipe la parution du premier numéro de CIRCULAIRE 132 au début 2006.

Mailart zine on general issues for mailartists to share ideas, advertize new projects, etc... This zine does not pretend to be a new concept. To participate, just send 20 originals artist stamps, ATCs, small 8 cm x 8 cm artist works, postcards, poems, etc... A copy will be sent to every participants that have sent 20 originals (no xerox copies). Any languages. No deadline. I plan to issue to first number of CIRCULAIRE 132 early 2006.

12465 Avenue de Troyes
Québec, QC, G2A 3C9

mercredi, novembre 09, 2005

Art postal reçu le 9 novembre

Felidae Isle (DOD project)

Keith R. Bloodworth. take a look at his web site here

Reg meets Roy

Today I had the pleasure to meet Roy Arenella (PhotoMail) and his wife Martine. Roy contacted me a few weeks ago anouncing his visit in Quebec City where he was planning to spend a couple days. I was thrilled!

We met tonight and went for supper at the ''Gare du Palais''. Like I was telling Roy, if you are a tourist, the best place to visit Quebec City is outside the box, I mean outside the walls of the old city. There is so much to see that is different from the touristic setting.

Great meal, great conversation and exchange. Of course I had to ask Roy about the time he met Ray Johnson twice. A very humble man, he let Martine tell the story.

After the supper, I took Roy and Martine for a walk in the lower town showing a place where group of teenagers, punks, marginals, etc... hang around; the ''Ilot Fleuri''. A place coved with murals on the pillars on the Dufferin highway and hundreds of graffitis in the other concrete walls. I love that place. We finished the walk by going around the old city in the narrow streets on the old Quebec. It was a chilly night, that probably explain why the streets were so deserted. I has never seen that before.

Well, just to say that it was a great evening spent with lovely people. I hope Roy and Martine will come to Quebec City again.

samedi, novembre 05, 2005

Art postal reçu le 4 novembre

Torben Doose

Steven Renald

Mailart Marita

Art postal reçu le 3 novembre

Szutuka Fabryka


Kurt Beaulieu

Ficus Strangulensis

Ailurophilia (Day of the deads project)