mercredi, novembre 09, 2005

Reg meets Roy

Today I had the pleasure to meet Roy Arenella (PhotoMail) and his wife Martine. Roy contacted me a few weeks ago anouncing his visit in Quebec City where he was planning to spend a couple days. I was thrilled!

We met tonight and went for supper at the ''Gare du Palais''. Like I was telling Roy, if you are a tourist, the best place to visit Quebec City is outside the box, I mean outside the walls of the old city. There is so much to see that is different from the touristic setting.

Great meal, great conversation and exchange. Of course I had to ask Roy about the time he met Ray Johnson twice. A very humble man, he let Martine tell the story.

After the supper, I took Roy and Martine for a walk in the lower town showing a place where group of teenagers, punks, marginals, etc... hang around; the ''Ilot Fleuri''. A place coved with murals on the pillars on the Dufferin highway and hundreds of graffitis in the other concrete walls. I love that place. We finished the walk by going around the old city in the narrow streets on the old Quebec. It was a chilly night, that probably explain why the streets were so deserted. I has never seen that before.

Well, just to say that it was a great evening spent with lovely people. I hope Roy and Martine will come to Quebec City again.

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Ken a dit...

Hi Reg!
My family and I are possibly going to visit Quebec City in early July and I was wondering if you want to meet up while we're there. Let me know if you can... it would be great to meet you in person!

Ken Miller

RF Côté (reg) a dit...

Hi Ken,
Nice to hear from you. By all means, please give me a call and we'll try to meet for a coffe/tea/beer. I should be around early July. Busy at the office but if I am not in the field I'd be very pleased to meet you and your family. When in town, give me a call on my cell (418.454.2683). Cheers! Reg

Ken a dit...

Awesome! Thanks, Reg... I'll let you know when our plans are more concrete.