jeudi, janvier 22, 2009

Reçu le 21 janvier

Roy Arenella - The walking man in photoland

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Wilma Duguay a dit...

Hi Roy,
I was very pleased to receive your Sea mailart. I like your work very much. I will soon be sending you a thank you Sea mailart card.


Wilma Duguay a dit...

Hi Roy,
Today, I received another mailart card....Sunrise.Dune Path to the Ocean...I love your black and white work. I started off in mailart doing only black and whites but branched out into color but I find that increasingly, I am returning to black and white.

I prepared a thank-you mailart card but it's so cold here in the Gaspé Peninsula (Québec) that I refuse to leave my apartment and go to the post office. Sorry that I am not sending it within an appropriate period of time. I HATE the cold so much!!!

Take care,