vendredi, janvier 23, 2009

Wilma Duguay - Coques Marines

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Martine a dit...

Wilma, I always enjoy your boat & seashore pictures --something about them gives me a feeling I miss since moving to this little village in Upstate New York. Greenwich is on the beautiful Battenkill River.And we are only 5 minutes from the "lordly" Hudson River. I'm learning to love them, but still miss the sea (& the gulls) of Long Island (my home since childhood). r0y

Martine a dit...

Wilma, concerning the "thank you" card : no apologies are necessary.
Many mail artists would not even consider a thank you card at all. So I appreciate your intentions to make one. And certainly there is no rush.
I try to walk to the post office every day (a bit less than a mile, round trip) but during winter I often drive. It's been a terrifically cold winter here. Most days under 20 degrees. With the coldest so far being minus 15.
I go out only when I must.It's probably a good idea.
best, r()y