mercredi, décembre 31, 2014


Je voudrais souhaiter une belle année 2015 à tous.

Veuillez noter que je ne tiendrai plus ce blogue à jour car c'est devenu trop demandant en temps.

J'ai hâte de vous revoir dans ma boîte-aux-lettres!

I am all wishing you a happy new year 2015.

Please note that I will no longer maintain this blog because it has become to much time consuming.

I am looking forward seeing you in my mailbox.


1 commentaire:

Peter Dowker a dit...

Hi Reg,
I'm Still in Mexico and will be until March 26th...
A friend brought me your nice MA collage ...I'll be posting it when I get back.
William P is alive and well...just taking a break I think.
I hope life's bumps are flattening out for you....